The UChicago Election Hub is a one-stop resource for journalists covering the 2020 election. The site includes faculty experts on election and policy issues, polling data and research, as well as feature stories, resources for students and upcoming virtual events. Reporters can contact Colleen Mastony and Mary Naset to arrange interviews with experts, all of whom are part of the UChicago Academic Communicators Network.

Election Experts


William Howell

Professor in American Politics, director of the Center for Effective Government and expert on presidential power

Voter Suppression

Jane Dailey

Historian of race, racism and social change

Voting rights

Reuben Jonathan Miller

Expert on civic engagement of formerly incarcerated individuals

Election Interference

Austin Carson

Expert on international relations, security and covert actions

Affordable Care Act

Katherine Baicker

Expert on healthcare policy and the Affordable Care Act

Polling and Policy Research





Politics & Economy

Do Elections Matter? Most Voters Think This One Will.

Voters agree that the country is greatly divided over important values. They disagree on many issues, including the value of diversity and the health of American democracy. 

Unmasking Partisanship: How Polarization Influences Public Responses to Collective Risk

Political polarization and competing narratives can undermine public policy response to collective risk, especially in periods of crisis, when political actors have incentives to manipulate public perceptions. 

How Feasible Are Policies to Mitigate Climate Change?

Feature Stories

Latest features, research, and Q&A’s from across campus.

Election Cyber Surge and a secure 2020 vote

The Harris School’s Election Cyber Surge assists election officials with cybersecurity

Should you trust the 2020 election polls? 

Mansueto Institute data scientist Nico Marchio breaks down election forecasting 

Who does (or doesn’t) wear a mask? 

Harris School study: Political messaging outweighs other factors in face mask usage

Staying safe on Election Day 

UChicago Medicine infectious diseases expert shares tips for safely voting during a pandemic


Latest episodes from the UChicago Podcast Network

How We Can Fix a Fractured Supreme Court, with Geoffrey Stone

October Surprises and the 2020 Election 

Student Resources

Schools and Divisions

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